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Recently completed projects

North Shore Marine Inc performs marine construction projects throughout Massachusetts.

  • 330 Foot Timber-Framed Pedestrian Pier for Newburyport Harborwalk
  • 1100 Foot Multi-Component Walkway for the Harborwalk in Salem, MA
  • 380 Foot Sheet Pile and Timer Bulkhead for Stone Residence in Scarborough, MA
  • 600 Foot Steel Sheet Bulkhead System for Phase 2 EDIC
  • Boat Ramp Design and Construction for Phillips Academy in Methuen, MA
  • Eighty-eight 100 Ton Pile Installation for a hotel in Beverly, MA
  • Timber Pile Support Foundation Installation in Medford, MA
  • Equipment and Logistical Support for Bakers Island Soil Remediation
  • Marine Travel Lift Pier for Port Side Marine in Danvers, MA
  • Rowing Dock System Design, Construction and Installation for Phillips Academy in Methuen, MA
  • Installation of Sheet Pile Bulkhead System in Salem, MA
  • Salem Willow Pier Repairs in Salem, MA
  • Drive Steel Pile Installation on Jefferson Avenue in Salem, MA
  • Haverhill City Steel Sheeting System
  • Littleton, MA Earth Support System

One of our projects — Marina Construction in Salem, MA

our Equipment


  • Hammer and Lead Pile Drivers
  • LS-108 Crawler Crane 50 Ton
  • 35 and 70 Ton Hydraulic Cranes
  • 16x40 Spud Barge Sectional with a Hydraulic Boom
  • 20 Foot Steel Work Boat
  • 135 H & M Vibratory Pile Driver and Extractor
  • 30x90 Spud Barge with Link Belt Crawler Crane 35 Ton
  • 26x12 Steel Hull Tug
  • 55 Foot Tug with 800 HP Twin Screw Harbor Tug
Our Equipment — Marina Construction in Salem, MA